2002 Emerald Cup

april02EmeraldCup0376_thumb.jpg 2.5K
deb, jasmine, alyssa

april02EmeraldCup0377_thumb.jpg 2.6K
me, jasmine, alyssa

april02EmeraldCup0378_thumb.jpg 2.8K
2 beautiful young ladies

april02EmeraldCup0379_thumb.jpg 2.8K
me and good friend Van McClain

april02EmeraldCup0380_thumb.jpg 2.8K
BRAD WITH HIS TOP FEMALE COMPETITORS: Jasmine,top northwest bb`er

april02EmeraldCup0381_thumb.jpg 2.7K

april02EmeraldCup0382_thumb.jpg 2.6K

april02EmeraldCup0383_thumb.jpg 2.5K
brad &
top powerlifter Liz at the bioplex booth

april02EmeraldCup0384_thumb.jpg 2.3K
deb & jazzy

april02EmeraldCup0385_thumb.jpg 2.5K
friend & client Cody Drier & wife Sarah

april02EmeraldCup0386_thumb.jpg 2.2K
brad & buddy & client Becky Warren

april02EmeraldCup0387_thumb.jpg 2.6K
Jaz & Alyssa

april02EmeraldCup0388_thumb.jpg 3.1K
brad & good friend lee labrada

april02EmeraldCup0389_thumb.jpg 3.2K
me & lee

april02EmeraldCup0390_thumb.jpg 3.0K
me with my beautiful wife & daughter & the great lee labrada

april02EmeraldCup0391_thumb.jpg 2.9K
with clients & friends Heath & Becky Warren

april02EmeraldCup0392_thumb.jpg 2.7K
top fitness pro T
anji Johnson & jasmine Baker

april02EmeraldCup0393_thumb.jpg 2.6K
Van McClain & jazzy

april02EmeraldCup0394_thumb.jpg 3.4K
beautiful group of ladies

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